Dangerous Friendships

Nobody is capable of living without friends and, even less, of accepting that they do not have them. It is part of our instinct, of our need for social networks. Even the most unhappy and unhappy man boasts of having friends. The intimate friends, the true ones, those who reflect the best of us, those who enrich our… Read More »


There are people in our lives who make us happy, for the simple fact that they have crossed our path. Some walk by our side, watching together many moons go by. But, on the other hand, others we only see them during the shortness of a moment. We call all of them a friend. There are many types… Read More »

Happy Valentines day 2019 Messages, Quotes & Images for Whatsapp

The most important time for life is to express the love, it’s not possible to fit the love in a single day but there is a particular time for to express its importance and to remind the origins of it here we go by the day familiarly known as VALENTINES DAY. Does anyone know the story of VALENTINES… Read More »

Kiss Day Whatsapp status messages, Quotes 2016

“KISS” the name itself defines that it is the ultimate expression of love.sometime the words can’t express only actions speak the time when the words tremble then the especially loved ones have their own actions embed in them that’s what we have on that special day is KISS DAY the most awaited day for everyone’s life on the… Read More »

Hug Day 2016 Whatsapp status Messages for Lovers

Happy Hug day to all love birds, It’s better to put love into hugs than into words, the true happiness comes only when it is expressed through action than in words. Simply it’s one of the action to express the love than in the words. The cuddle from the soul mate is best ever gift u can get… Read More »