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Best 33 Cute Love status messages for Whatsapp & FB

Express your love to whom you truly loved with a cute love status update in your WhatsApp or facebook. These are the best cute love status messages to show your love on them. we are providing Love WhatsApp status, Best Love status for Whatsapp, Love quotes for WhatsApp in Hindi and also Best WhatsApp status. Check the cute love… Read More »

Love status for WhatsApp in Hindi

Best Love status for WhatsApp in Hindi: Express your love with WhatsApp statuses in Hindi, English and so on.Here we have included the best love statuses in Hindi to express your love through WhatsApp and facebook etc.,   लोग दीवार दूसरों को बाहर रखने के लिए लेकिन उन्हें नीचे तोड़ने के लिए पर्याप्त कौन परवाह करता है यह देखने… Read More »

Sad Love status for WhatsApp

Best 20 Sad Love Status for WhatsApp:   Are you feeling sad with your love? Here some of the great quotes and statuses for you to share. This post gives you the best sad love status to share on WhatsApp and facebook etc., “You treated me like an option so I left you like a choice.“   “I… Read More »

Best Love Status For Whatsapp

Expressing love isn’t that easy, we are here to support you for that. You can find best love status for WhatsApp here. Use them to send some secret love status messages to your loved ones, or to express the love you are hiding in your heart  through your WhatsApp . You can find Latest love statuses for WhatsApp here, for… Read More »