By | May 8, 2019

There are people in our lives who make us happy, for the simple fact that they have crossed our path.

Some walk by our side, watching together many moons go by. But, on the other hand, others we only see them during the shortness of a moment. We call all of them a friend. There are many types of friends. Maybe, each leaf of a tree characterizes one of them. The first leaf, the one that springs from the outbreak is the mother friend, the father friend and they show us what it is to have life. Then comes the brother friend, with whom we divide our space so that he flourishes like us. Then, we come to know the whole family of leaves, which we respect and wish good.

But fate brings us other friends, which we did not even know we’re going to cross our path. Many of those are called soul friends. They are sincere, true, they know when we are not well and they know what makes us happy. Sometimes, one of those friends of the soul is in our heart. And then it happens to be called boyfriend, girlfriend, in love, in love. That gives special brilliance before our eyes, music to our lips, lightness at our feet.

But there are also those friends who are for a while. Maybe, for a vacation, or even for a day, or an hour, who knows. They often put many smiles on our faces, during the time they are near. But speaking of friendship, we can not forget the distant friends, those who stay at the tips of the branches, but when the wind blows they appear again between one leaf and another. Time passes, summer leaves and autumn approaches, and we lose some of our leaves. Some are born in the next summer while others remain by seasons. But, what makes us happier is that those that fell are still nearby, continue to nourish our roots with joy. With the memories of the wonderful moments lived while crossing our path.

I wish you, leaf of my tree; peace, love, health, success, prosperity, today and always, simply why each person is unique. It always leaves us something of itself and takes something from us. There are those who took a lot, but there are those who did not leave anything. And that is the greatest responsibility of our life and the evident proof that two souls do not meet by chance.

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