Hug Day 2016 Whatsapp status Messages for Lovers

By | Jan 26, 2016

Happy Hug day to all love birds, It’s better to put love into hugs than into words, the true happiness comes only when it is expressed through action than in words. Simply it’s one of the action to express the love than in the words. The cuddle from the soul mate is best ever gift u can get from your loved ones. There are may ways to express the love and HUG is one of the ways to share love through one warm hug, sharing a warm hug with the special loved one is an emblem of love there are no words to express it, to know the value of that love one must have to express it. Whenever you’re in dizzy situation just relax and just hold the hand of loved one and drag to you and then just gently hug her heart fully truly then what are the worries and dizziness which you carry in your mind and heart will be gone away and that time you’re the happiest person in the world everyone should have a person on their side for a lifetime. A heart warming hug makes u feel that you’re the  most special one  for them it defines you that you have lot of importance in their life you’re the everlasting one in their life then only they share heartwarming hug from them and it is one of the sign that you got from the loved one, it is the one of the special way to the undying love in one’s heart.

Hug Day 2016 Messages

Hug Day 2016

Hug day Whatsapp Status messages, SMS 2016:

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The perfect gift you can give to your loved ones at instant is warm hug.


What are you waiting for?? just go to her and make yourself complete by just cuddle with her.


Your partner feel so special when you give alot to her thats undefinable.


One should experiance the very warm hug from the loved one why because its priceless..


Sorry dear loved one,iam hurting you with the breathless hug i hope you also enjoying it.


My biggest hope is I will hug you soon .


Why dont we cuddle again? simply iam addicted to it.

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